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Got Your Back Chiropractic offers a very unique and different approach to optimal health, and an opportunity to reclaim your youth through proactive wellness health care.  We believe that educated patients heal faster, and live happier and healthier lives, so we go above and beyond the treatment of pain and symptoms to discover the primary cause of your health concerns and get you (and keep you) on the path to a long, happy and healthy life!  CEO and Founder of GYBC, Dr. Justin Klein combines the practices and principles of Chiropractic BioPhysics with corrective, bilateral and symmetrical functional movement, to not only correct your structure but maximize your efficiency of movement so to maintain structural correction.

This approach combines the best of both worlds, correcting the underlying causes of disturbance and disruption of the nervous system, as well as teaching proper neuromotor patterns of the body.  Dr. Klein’s personal training experience and the love to teach about the body are keys to the naturalistic, vitalistic, and holistic approach to wellness at Got Your Back Chiropractic. We have to “retrain” our nervous systems how to move correctly, and with the proper focus and a desire to heal, his patients will learn to live with good posture and a healthy, well trained nervous system, and therefore achieve optimal health!

OUR MISSION is your optimal health!!!  Chiropractic adjustments stimulate the nervous system and improve its function, allowing the body it's greatest opportunity to heal itself.  Becoming a patient at GYBC is an experience of a lifetime, and we believe all of our patients' lives will improve through education, understanding how their body moves, adjustments, and taking ACTION ON THEIR GOALS!

GYBC is a multidisciplinary, Family, Sports and Personal Injury clinic in upper NW Washington, DC. We provide the very best in chiropractic health care to optimize the body's natural ability to heal, utilizing various adjusting techniques, physical therapy and myofascial release, combined with nutrition and weight loss recommendations, flexibility and exercise training, and even spinal/postural rehabilitation. From knee pain to neck pain, to the simple desire to feel well, our treatment protocols are specific to each patient, and we will always strive to provide the most quality care and recommendations possible to help our patients reach ALL of their health GOALS!  How healthy would YOU like to be in the next 30-50 years???  We would love the opportunity to help you reach those goals!  

Please feel free to contact Dr. Klein through the "email the doctor" tab at the top of the page, and we look forward to seeing you at Got Your Back Chiropractic!!! 

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Please also visit our nutrition website for questions about nutritional health at, and inquire with Dr. Klein for more information. It's Your Life... Live it in Health! 

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